Royale Women, Royale is the new charming princess from Rasasi.

The majestic jewel in the crown of Rasasi. In the quest for “Royale” no stone was left unturned in perfecting this masterpiece. It is the progeny of four years of perseverance during which more than hundred design themes and close to two hundred fragrances were evaluated. Here comes our little princess. An exquisite outer chamber in an ornate shade of gold representing the richness of your perfume, side walls of an irresistible metallic purple with artistic motifs on it allures you to reach the inner realm of the princess. A waistband, which slides over the box, guards the Royale box, the two flaps of the box slide open smoothly to reveal the bottle. the dainty crystal like bottle is like a Royal princess– delicate and ravishingly beautiful. she takes your breath away, attired in a soft refreshing shade of pink giving the countors of her body a new meaning to beauty. her fragrance fills up your senses and your heart wishes to reach out and touch this princess.


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